“The brain has developed more complex connections because movement stimulates growth and connectivity of neuronal pathways”  (Melillo & Leisman, 2004).

Saturday, October 18th, saw the 10th annual ‘For Babies’ Expo event at the PVA exhibition Centre, Prague. Jana Uher from our KindyROO Prague branch was able to present the lecture: “Why the First 1000 days are the most important in a child’s life”.

Along with the “For Babies” expo, the “For Toys” and “For Games” Expos also took place. This 4 day event saw a great turn out with hundreds of parents and their kids interested in seeing the newest products, services and trends in the world of products for babies, childrens’ furniture, fashion and hygiene.

KindyROO’s Jana was given the opportunity to speak to many new and expecting parents about early childhood development and introduced them to the concepts learnt within the KindyROO classroom.

Some highlights from Jana’s presentation include:

  • Early brain development is the key to lifelong academic, emotional and social wellbeing
  • We’re born with billions of brain cells and as we experience the word, these brain cells begin to interact and form brain connections
  • Movement is the key to learning, but not just any movement: it needs to be appropriate for each stage of development, make use of natural movement patterns and build on previous levels of development

The biggest takeaway from Jana’s presentation was that you as a parent can and should be involved in your child’s development from day 1. KindyROO classes guide parents through the early years, helping teach parents about their baby’s development from birth. KindyROO classes specialise in age appropriate exercises, games, dances, massages which help children to meet developmental milestones and be ready to crawl, walk, socialise and prepare them for school (when the time comes!).