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Dr Jane Williams

Director at KindyROO

Hello from Down under everyone!

I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled we are that our global KindyROO family is growing bigger all the time. 

When my mother, Margaret Sasse, founded KindyROO 35 years ago she had an ambitious vision for every child to reach their full potential. She worked relentlessly with experts in early childhood development from around the world to ensure that the methodology she developed is research based, holistic and promoting wellbeing for the child and for the parent.

My family and our wonderful team of franchisees keep her vision alive and it is now our turn to work with the best in the field, to constantly innovate and incorporate practices that promote early childhood education. 

When Maia first contacted us, we were excited by her vision and ambition to see KindyROO expand across Europe. It is Maia’s intention that every family on the continent will have access to our program and its benefits, and her corporate and educational skills, combined with her passion are transforming that vision into reality. 

She combines the knowledge of a skilled early childhood educator and researcher with astute business experience and delivers high quality service to all stakeholders. The team she leads are skilled, passionate professionals and I am positive you will be a great addition to that team.

Dr Jane Williams – KindyROO Director Research and Education

Maia Vassileva MA, MBA

Master Franchisee

Hi everyone and welcome to KindyROO!

If you are wondering what a kangaroo, fun packed weekly classes and a franchise have in common – keep reading!

Education is huge part of human life and though we tend to link it with school or college setting, we believe that education begins at birth.

It is our mission to help parents around the world become their child’s first teacher. We do that through a team of dedicated franchisees who engage with dedicated parents to provide developmental opportunities for young children.

We deliver on this mission through sequential, age appropriate, play based activities that promote development of communication skills (speech and language) and the required physical, social-emotional and cognitive elements that underpin them.

As a British expat to Australia, mum, educator and management consultant I fell in love with the KindyROO kangaroo and the two smiling kids in her pouch. It relates so well to what I saw when we moved from Oxfordshire to Sydney eight years ago. Mums, dipping their young babies in the cold, for me, ocean water and the babies thoroughly enjoying the experience; dads showing their toddlers how to jump in a puddle under the warm tropical rain; parks full of young and old enjoying physical activities of all sorts. Parents with babies and toddlers, joining KindyROO weekly classes to ensure they unlock their child’s potential.

I know that we have number of child-centered activities happening everywhere through Europe but I felt that parents in Europe deserve to have access to the proven, holistic, research based methodology that KindyROO has to offer.

And here we are, four years later, operating in four countries, helping thousands of parents raise their kids and looking forward for the next enthusiastic individuals who will join our team.

Look forward hearing from you. Kind regards, Maia

Maia Vassileva, MA, MBA
Master Franchisee KindyROO Europe
[email protected]
+44 7956563080


KindyROO is the only program in the world that has integrated key developmental activities, essential for complete development at each age and stage of development. KindyROO has a tried and tested model that both parents and children thoroughly enjoy. Thousands of parents have witnessed its great value in assisting their children’s development and readiness for school.


Increasingly evidence confirms the long-term benefits of KindyROO. Children who have been through the program are flourishing, excelling academically, on the sporting field and in leadership roles. KindyROO’s philosophy is backed by many world-leading experts who have determined the important role that milestone progression and early movement experiences play in development! This underpins the high regard with which our program is held across both the educational and health sectors and allows our Franchisees to be secure in the knowledge that the program they deliver is research based.


Working with babies and young children within a proven-model could not be more rewarding. KindyROO Franchisees know that they are making a positive and lasting impact on the learning abilities of everyone who attends classes.


We are committed to your success!

Our business model provides you with a turnkey system and ongoing support in all areas of small business ownership! We provide Marketing, Finance, IT and Operational systems to help you achieve success in your Centre!


Our franchise network is built with people from all different walks of life, however there are a few things that help make you a successful KindyROO franchisee


Outgoing personality

Passion for children

Background in education

Strong business acumen



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